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Then it asks for email and assures you that “We will never send spam to you.

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(Added Nov 29, 2011)Rachel's haven - With over 10'000 captions featured in the ever growing gallery and a wonderful supportive community with lots of activity's ranging from caption trades, stories, and group role-plays. (Added Sep 11, 2009)Strapped In Silk - I will feminize you and train you to become my live in maid,doing my shopping and pleasing my friends in any way we desire.Iran has suffered greatly from earthquakes, with one in the city of Bam killing tens of thousands in 2003.Sadeghi is not the first religious figure to blame the natural disasters on human behaviour.Partly me personal but mostly artwork, transvestite fiction and related amusing stuff.Am a rather glam/erotic older transvestite from Europe. I'm also slightly mad and a bit obnoxious and i want a mink coat and diamonds.

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