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Most people live normal, healthy lives and yet there may be some aspect they may want to change.

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As a Food Psychology qualified coach, Carla's passion lays in all matters relating to weight, relationship with food and underlaying issues.

Likewise, clients might feel freer, in an online environment, to openly discuss issues or experiences or thoughts which feel awkward to us or of which we are ashamed.

Agoraphobia (a fear of open and public spaces) can be well suited to online counselling.

KEY FEATURES• 10 Galleries of original naughty emoji icons• Keyboard extension: Send emojis directly from the texting screen with the Naughtify keyboard extension (i OS 8 and above)• Drawing canvas: Create a custom drawing and add stickers to it (see below for details)• Easily share to i Message, Facebook Messenger and Facebook, Whatsapp and many more• Optimised for i Message and Email: Super fast sharing to i Message file dimensions, size and type were optimized to make it look great• Recently Used section: Quickly access your most used icons (works both from the main app and the keyboard extension; Requires purchasing all galleries)* Some of the above mentioned functionality requires a one-time In-App Purchase.

DRAWING CANVASIf you're feeling naughty AND creative, make a drawing! Drawing canvas features include:• Use your finger to draw stuff in full colors.• Take a picture draw over it.• Add naughty stickers to your drawing or picture.

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