Horses and dating

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Rodney also arranges a date, with Nag's Head barmaid, "Nervous" Nerys.

Even in the internet era, the Brony community has really pioneered cartoon horse fetishism and brought it to the American market."Dates" is the seventh Christmas special episode of the BBC sitcom, Only Fools and Horses, first broadcast on 25 December 1988.In the episode, Del Boy joins a dating agency and meets Raquel. Play the game that revolutionizes the bond between a girl and her horse! Before you know it, you agree to start training him... Life on this strange ranch awaits...■Gameplay-Items appear with time-Tap items to get points-Points are determined by energy level-Talk to boost your horse's energy-Earn the amount of points required to clear the level■Album-Cleared levels are automatically stored in the Album-Clear all the levels to complete the story!

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