Jill scott dating lamman rucker

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All of whom are shook up by the arrival of a new tenant and his subsequent murder. ) stars as Darryl Graham, a former gang member who has perhaps done some time in prison. When he moves into a new building, he doesn't realize he's moving into the middle of a soap opera.

He's dating a girl who he used to date years ago and whom he got pregnant but she aborted. When she dumps him, she's staying at the beach but really she lives in the same building.

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He’s also been a part of numerous Tyler Perry films. He appeared in many child pageants, and had a very supportive family.He played basketball in college and semi-pro ball for a short time after that. Rucker is the oldest of 3 children, having a younger sister and brother.He is currently single, but involved with someone special.His first acting role was as Martin Luther King in the 4th grade.He was in the drama club in 7th grade and then attended high school at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D. He has an undergraduate degree in Information Technology and Business and his graduate degree in Education and Curriculum Development.

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