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Before you say “no” to them, you should know both sides of the story. If you happen to have a friend who pretends to be a nice guy just to reach his goals, you can be sure that he is not a nice guy.While numerous women wouldn’t even consider dating a nice guy; some have made their goal to get their hands on them. Nice buys are those people who say upfront if they have something to say and don’t try to send you hidden messages.Although this may appear harmless, women don’t like it. The minute something is out of the regular pattern, we know. I can see when a guy isn’t interested in me before he tells me. So, it could be that you’re texting her all the time – switch up the routine a bit and throw her off track. No one, whether you’re a man or woman, wants to be around a clinger. You don’t have to punch people in the face when they walk by or egg someone’s house to be a bad boy.And if they don’t like it, you won’t be getting any girls. [Read: 20 ingeniously crazy ways to ask a girl out on a date] #5 Stop lavishing her with gifts. You don’t need to buy her gifts – you really don’t. There’s actually nothing worse than having some guy who won’t go away and get the hint. In fact, even when you want to say no, they do something cute and you shrug and say, “okay.” Well, not today. The bad boy is an energy from within, so you just need to dig it out. It’s not that we plan to do it, but we like pushing the boundaries to see how far you’ll let us go. She’ll argue back but also understand where the line is drawn. Nice Guy because you’re concerned about other people’s feelings. I’m not going to act like I’m not one of those women – I’ve used that line before. You may genuinely be a nice guy *and I’m not asking you to forcefully become an asshole*, but there are some things you can do to save yourself the unnecessary rejection and cure your nice guy syndrome. [Read: How to ask a girl out when you’re a shy guy] #2 Admit you’re Mr. This will take a shot to your ego, but you’re not getting any dates, so really you have nothing to lose. There’s probably a couple main actions you do that play a huge role in you not getting women. You need to have boundaries so that you don’t end up being stuck with the nice guy syndrome. You’re able to hang out with her any time of the day, any day of the week. That way, she’ll notice that the pattern has broken and that something is different. Maybe you wanna be a bad boy, but you’re nervous to go out of the box.You could be the cutest guy in the room, however, when you’re too nice, I feel like there’s no challenge and no chase. 16 ways to get over the nice guy syndrome Once a nice guy, not always a nice guy. So if you’ve been having a difficult time in the dating scene, here are some tips you can try so you can shed your nice guy syndrome. Maybe you’re too passive aggressive or perhaps you come off too needy. Whether you have your own life or not, you need to make it look like you do. She may become suspicious if there’s another girl, which is great. Listen, as long as you’re not hurting anyone, why not be the bad boy?You think it's the heart talking, but it's not -- it's actually the ego; and it wants to you to think you're special, or that you can tame him and handle him like other girls couldn't. I definitely lived in the fantasy of falling in love with a deeply misunderstood soul, and believed for a while that I was the only extraordinary person who could get through to him. And if I couldn't have known that from the initial bumps we ran into early on, his multiple angry exes should have been strong indicators. It was hard, but I still came out of that relationship in one piece -- a big difference from the chaos that went down before.

This means even though we ladies claim to want serious relationships with good guys, we end up going for the guy who's no good for us.

I couldn't believe this slightly older, charming, and successful guy was giving me -- an awkward young girl who hadn't quite figured out the right shade of foundation -- the time of day. Big equivalent basically helped me implode into an even bigger self-loathing mess over a couple years; constantly comparing myself to the other women he wouldn't stop chasing. My overall quality of life soared while I dated the good guy. But at the end of the day, a good guy will always be there for you and want what's best for you.

It took a long time, but I eventually realized opposite effect. It's impossible to be upfront and honest with someone who's being cryptic and weird. You just get shut down so many times, you start to edit what you're saying. I'm a typical 20-something juggling a gym membership, career networking, hanging out with friends, family, and, OK, I admit it -- a crippling wanderlust and over-the-top addiction to Netflix-and-chilling.

But we're also getting better at weeding them out for the good ones.

My mother dated a pathological liar all through her 20s (no, not my father) as her way of escaping pressures to be and act a certain way.

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