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The work involved extensive desk research and a visit to Myanmar for in-depth meetings with the company and the conglomerate, visits to ‘at risk’ sites, and consultations with a range of locally based experts, NGOs and investors.

Playing pranks on local newscasters is a proud tradition that dates back to the days when people actually watched local newscasts for news.

Pickett and Prueher -- now represented by attorney Anderson Duff -- were first notified of the lawsuit by a New York Post article.

While we've seen the Radeon Linux Open GL driver get competitive to the Windows Radeon Open GL driver and the NVIDIA Windows/Linux Open GL binary drivers have long been on a level playing field, how's the Intel HD Graphics performance?

Their current catalog covers everything from retailer-produced sexual harassment videos to jazzercise to a variety of self-appointed experts opining on subject matter in which they clearly have no expertise.

Prueher and Pickett also developed a few alter egos and sent out press releases to a number of local TV stations, hoping to have them booked.

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WEAU wasn't the only victim of "Chop & Steele" and other Prueher/Pickett alter egos.

If you’re really not feeling it, it’s likely not worth it.” —@Ms Elena Milan “Never let a boy keep you from pursuing your dreams. Take your time, and the right person will come along.” —@joeyberetta “Be yourself and make sure people accept you for who you are.” —@britney3698 “Be yourself is all I can say.

The right 1 will be by your side, not behind or in front trying 2 hold u back.” —@ohsolovelyx07 “Listen to your heart and go with it if it feels right! You’ll never find the right person if they fall for the fake you.” —@Kelsie Lynne K “My advice is be truthful, be trustworthy, and be yourself.” —@jessielovsu“Saying something horrible & negative about someone won’t make u happier w/yourself. ” —@lucyhale “Stay true to you when pursuing a guy, then you’ll know if he likes you for who you really are. ” —@Emily_Sioma “Be the right person before you meet the right person.” —@Jalexandria22 “Always be honest and open with your guy.

I was able to tap into expert academics from Oxford University and their links with the Mongolian Academy of Science to provide a high calibre team acceptable to all parties.

Investing in Myanmar Lenders were looking at an investment in Myanmar into a company that is part of a larger conglomerate.

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