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The sham environmental assessment of Keystone XL is being overseen by President’s Obama State Department, through a corrupt process led by oil industry contractors. We have launched the Pledge of Resistance to put pressure on President Obama to reject Keystone XL, and avoid being the target of the largest act of civil disobedience in American history.

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Pour détecter le mensonge, certaines personnes se basent sur leur aptitude à comparer les comportements jugés comme suspects à partir d’un comportement de référence de l’individu : une baseline.

En suivant ce principe, dans une tâche de détection du mensonge le fait de voir une ou plusieurs baselines véridiques des personnes permettraient d’augmenter le taux correct de détection.

This means that before you actually start communicating with someone, you already have some idea as to what they are like, which can help you make up your mind about them in a very short period of time.

Of course, another thing that can help you decide whether someone is good for you or not is a conversation, which is why you can start a conversation with everyone that you feel might the right person for you.

Dans un second temps, les auteurs ont simplifié le protocole.





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